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Grocery Stores & Catering

Find out where the locals shop for groceries or if you’d prefer to have “it” catered we’ve a recommendation for that too.


Abbey Bell Catering

Abbey Bell Catering grew out of Abbey’s love of cooking and the desire to help more people enjoy healthy food. Self-trained, Abbey has strived to come up with the best approach to classic, healthy gourmet dishes, recipes that are easy to share and delicious to devour. I love Abbey’s stock the fridge which offers a week worth of healthy food for my husband and I to enjoy during our busy weeks. She also does events and private cooking lessons.

Grocery Stores

Many people ask when moving to Hoboken where the nearest grocery store is – well the good news is there are several grocery stores and many markets. Don’t have a car – don’t worry, most of these stores deliver.

Acme Market


Grocery, ATM, Coinstar, Western Union, Free Delivery (for purchases over $50)

614 Clinton Street Telephone – (201) 795-1783

Fresh Direct

Grocery Delivery Only, Online Supermarket

Grocery, fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, deli, bakery, dairy, organic, kosher, health & beauty

Hoboken Area Telephone (866) 283-7374

Aspen Market

Gourmet Market, Cafe, Dining area

Prepared foods, bakery, salad bar, soups, produce, huge selection of cheeses, desserts

Free Delivery

226 Washington Street Telephone (201) 659-0355

Kings Super Market

Upscale grocery, Deli, Catering, Cafe

Salad bar, prepared foods, seafood, deli, meats, produce

Free Delivery (Min $50)

1211 Hudson Street Telephone – (201) 239-4060



Grocery, Liquor, Pharmacy, Photo lab, Coinstar

900 Madison Street Telephone – (201) 792-6070

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